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Who WE Are

Litbox is established to promote aspiring entrepreneurs create innovative and scalable ventures, supported by experiences coaches, expert mentors and seasoned investors.

Startups are all about having the right Idea, developing the right product, creating the right market, finding the right investors. It's all about connecting the puzzle pieces to reveal the bigger picture. Another matter that is essential especially for first-time founders is finding the right mentor, The right mentor can help a founder maintain focus and avoid potential pitfalls on their path to market. A trusted advisor can become a valuable team member as you navigate the startup process. Our ecosystem of founders, mentors, technology experts, investors, and corporate partners work together to create a network of support that lasts throughout the entrepreneurial journey of a budding entrepreneur. We make entrepreneurship accessible by opening doors to incubation, mentorship, product development, marketing, business development, customer acquisition, and talent recruitment.



Teamwork Training

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Infrastructure support

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Technology Training

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Intellectual Property Guidance

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Unique Ideas

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Industrial Connectivity

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How WE Work


Litbox has leading experts from industry, academia, professionals, etc. Together, they offer vast and practical knowledge on areas covering design, engineering, manufacturing,marketing, finance, entrepreneurship etc.


In addition to the incubation support from Litbox, Ventures incubated at Litbox have access to iCreate, Ahmedabad which provides crucial financial investment and also provides invaluable advice to the qualifying ventures, iCreate with their vast experience in industry, professions and investing, have taken keen interest in the development of the innovation venture ecosystem supporting deserving ventures.

Product Launch

Litbox helps you create new products and businesses by providing experiential education from fields of Engineering, Design, Business, Finance and skills like team-work and communication. It’s a world of product and business creation for those who are willing to take risks and are passionate about creating viable solutions to the problems and needs observed every day.

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